Some advice to young musicians

An absolutely fantastic read!!

Philip Sheppard

Philip Sheppard had the great pleasure of visiting Montana State University where he had the chance to talk to some of the students studying there about music, life & finding your way – making a career out of what you love doing.

‘… I promised I’d put my notes from the final slides online. So… here they are…’

Be Lucky, or Get Lucky

But what is luck?

Easy! It’s just lots of preparation meeting an opportunity.

Create your own luck.
No.1) Get very, very prepared
No.2) Make opportunities for yourself.

Work harder than anyone else you know.

Be businesslike. Run the paperwork & organization side of things like a business & it’ll generate the freedom to become an artist. Haydn & Bach fussed over the minutest details of their contracts – it meant they could leave them in a drawer and focus on the art – once everything was…

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